Donnetta Halverson-Walser: 1943-2016

Donnetta was not only an amazing woman but an amazing asset to our community. She had a heart for service and spent a lifetime living her life’s calling. 

Donnetta Halverson graduated from University of Idaho with a teaching degree and spent her first-year teaching in Morton, WA. After that she moved to Monroe after being hired by then Monroe School District Assistant Superintendent Gene Elledge to teach in Monroe. This was the start of a 27-year career for Donnetta. Donnetta loved being a teacher, she especially was proud of the work she did with disadvantaged students doing her best to give them a hand up as they went through high school and then moved on in life. Many of her students made it a point to contact her to give them an update on their lives letting her know it was only with her help they could get over a hard time in their life to become very successful.

Donnetta retired from her position as a teacher with Monroe Public Schools to run for the Monroe City Council and became the first woman to serve in that position. In 1970 Donnetta was awarded Outstanding Young Women of the Year by the League of Women Voters and she went on to become Mayor of Monroe. She was instrumental in bringing so many wonderful projects to fruition, such as forming a partnership with the Rotary Club on Monroe to build Rotary Field “Home of the Miracle League”, as well as serving for 9 years as the Vice Chair on the US 2 Safety Committee.

Donnetta maintained strong working relationship with leading State representatives such as Governor Booth Garner, Senator Patty Murphy, Senator Maria Cantwell and then State Representative and now Senator Kirk Pearson. In 1980 Donnetta ran for County Council and lost by only 7 votes.

Donnetta passion about education and community were areas of focus she made her life’s work.

Donnetta’s stand was her stand on how important reading was to young children, she took every opportunity she had to remind young parents she would meet how important it was to read to their children which of course she did at home with her own children as well.

The Donnetta Halverson-Walser Memorial Scholarship is being a great testament to the life of a women that truly loved her heart every day weather it was teaching children in our community or working hard on behalf of community projects that were important to her.

Fred Walser and his family are creating the Donnetta Halverson-Walser Memorial Scholarship to honor the women that besides being the amazing community activist she was most importantly to them an amazing wife, Mother and Grandmother. The example she set for her own children will be what is most important to her family.

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