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Project Mission:

Traditionally schools have a basic first aid kit in the nurse’s office. Times have changed. This is inefficient in the event of a natural disaster or unprecedented event of violence. With your support, our goal is to be the first school district to have an all hazards emergency kit in every classroom. Although we hope to never use these tools, being unprepared is just not acceptable. There is nothing more important that the safety and wellbeing of our students.

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Here’s our current donation progress towards our goal of having an emergency kit in each classroom in MSD. - Live Donations Tracking for Emergency Preparedness Kits - Make a Donation to Emergency Preparedness Kits

Click anywhere on the goal meter to make a donation to the All Hazards Emergency Kit Program. You can specify any amount you like. If you prefer to purchase an entire kit for a classroom, please use the “Sponsor a Classroom” option below.

In addition to clicking the donation meter above to enter your own donation amount, you can click below to donate as well. We have three preset options for you in there, or you can also specify your own amount there as well.

Please note that this donation button doesn't automatically update the goal meter. We will manually update the meter each day.

If you would prefer to contribute via check, please send your donation to the following address. Please also mention "Emergency Kits" either in the memo line of the check, or by attaching a separate note.

Monroe Public Schools Foundation
200 East Fremont Street
Monroe, WA98272-2336

The MPSF is a nonprofit organization which will make any donations made tax deductible as allowed by law. Anyone making a donation will receive a tax letter in January for income tax purposes from the MPSF.


Q: Will there be training for use of kits and kit supplies? 
A: Yes, we will be creating a online training video for staff and students to watch. 

Q: Aren’t these kits available for purchase online?  
A: Yes, most kits with these contents retail for $200-$250.  Buying in bulk and having staff members personal stock kits has lowered the price point to $150.

Q: How were the contents decided on? 
A: Through collaboration with school administration, school security manager and local EMS professionals, it was decided that this was the best combination of necessary tools for a list of emergencies.  Although, no kit is perfect, it is a step in the right direction. 

Q: Can I sponsor a particular classroom or school? 
A: Yes, when checking out, you can request a classroom or school.  If that class has already been sponsored, it will go to another class in that school.