Student should have a big dream in mind, without the means to get there or have had experienced hardship and perservered through it. Drive, motivation and passion should be evident in their application. Should be very passionate about their bright future.

If you would prefer to contribute via check, please send your donation to the following address. Please also mention "Imagine Scholarship" either in the memo line of the check, or by attaching a separate note.

Monroe Public Schools Foundation
200 East Fremont Street
Monroe, WA98272-2336

The Monroe Public Schools Foundation (MPSF) manages the Local Community Scholarship Awards Program. The MPSF is a nonprofit organization which will make any donations made towards this Scholarship award tax deductible as allowed by law. Anyone making a donation for this scholarship will receive a tax letter in January income tax purpose from the MPSF.

100% of any money donated for this scholarship will sent directly to the college of the recipient’s choice.