WISE Scholarship - "Women In Support of Education" - The concept behind this scholarship is to seek a student or student(s) who have a story to tell and a passion and vision about their future. We have created a scholarship that isn't about achieving a GPA of 4.0, but is focused on young adults that have a vision and a path for their future and have the capacity to communicate that to someone unknown and captivate us.

With the support of Women both in and outside of our community, we were fortunate to provide two scholarships in our first year to two very deserving young women. We originally began with a focus on young girls, but are excited to expand the scholarship this year to both young men and young women.

Our criteria are:

  • Have a vision for their future
  • Have a passion about what they'd like to do
  • Have a story about where they've been, what they've been through and where they want to go and be able to communicate their story clearly to the reader
  • Be involved within their community & exhibit the "give back" characteristic.Maintain decent grade

We believe it is important that we don't exclude students that have already received other funding/scholarships but make certain we weigh those that have no alternative funding for college, which have the drive/passion and vision for their future.

If you would prefer to contribute via check, please send your donation to the following address. Please also mention "W.I.S.E. Scholarship" either in the memo line of the check, or by attaching a separate note.

Monroe Public Schools Foundation
200 East Fremont Street
Monroe, WA98272-2336

The Monroe Public Schools Foundation (MPSF) manages the Local Community Scholarship Awards Program. The MPSF is a nonprofit organization which will make any donations made towards this Scholarship award tax deductible as allowed by law. Anyone making a donation for this scholarship will receive a tax letter in January income tax purpose from the MPSF.

100% of any money donated for this scholarship will sent directly to the college of the recipient’s choice.